Interactive spreadsheets in html

You have data in tables and spreadsheet, and want your users to be able to browse or analyze it. What better way than posting an interactive workbook…

The above Excel spreadsheet shows the WASL test scores for students in Washington State for 2009 (the data is from the Washington State – Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction).

By default, spreadsheets are displayed with no interactivity. To enable interactivity, replace &AllowInteractivity=False with &AllowInteractivity=True in the snippet that you are embedding on your page. For more information and to see all the other options, click here.

Step by step:

  1. Create the workbook with the data 
  2. Create a PivotTable
  3. Save or upload the workbook to a public folder in
  4. Get the embed code for that workbook
  5. Embed it in your web page
  6. Change AllowInteractivity to true

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How to embed Excel on a Web Page


In this blog, I’ll try to show various things related to Excel on the web.

Here is a simple attempt to embed a spreadsheet on an HTML page:

So – how did I do it? Just follow these instructions.

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