Real world: embedded pay calculator and comparison

A couple of days ago I pointed Ruth from “My Paper Work” to Excel Web App, as a way to create an Excel calculator embedded in a blog post. She created a post, with an Embedded workbook that translates hourly and annual income to a per minute rate, and then gave a table of how much various jobs earn per hour (in the U.K.). Her post, “How much is your time worth?” is here. I think that the way Ruth used Excel Web App is a really great way to get started. Very cool! I love to see Excel in action.

While reading it, I thought of what other ways people can use Excel to create an interactive, live experience in their blogs, while using graphics to tell a story and keep their users engaged. I’ve tried the following version:

In this example, I’ve used color scale conditional formatting on cells to show the range of pays for different jobs, and also created a simple bar chart to visually compare ones hourly rate with that of other jobs. A picture is worth a thousand words…

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4 Responses to Real world: embedded pay calculator and comparison

  1. Wow!
    Datawiz, I am so impressed, that’s brilliant. You made it take either the annual or the hourly rate – that’s so clever! And the colours ….Thank you so much – I can’t wait to tell everybody about it.
    That’s it, I’m subscribed to your site now. I love Excel, too, I use it as a database, for mailmerge, progress chasing, just about everything and now I can share it on my website! hurray!

  2. Can I use this on my blog? I’m thinking I might save it as a permanent page rather than just a blog post. You’ve got me going now, I’m doing another post with an interactive item – watch this space!

  3. Thanks. Here’s the next one I’ve made:
    A bit more difficult as it involves text but I’m very pleased with it. And it’s answered a question I had – the formula references cells that aren’t visible so that makes even more possibilities.

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